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Why PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is a relatively new trading platform on which traders can buy, sell and exchange major cryptocurrencies with leverage. Essentially, leverage means trading with someone else’s money. In other words, crypto can be traded by anyone without having to invest a great deal of his or her own money. Other […]


Trading on PrimeXBT

Have come to like trading on PrimeXBT. The trading window is comprised of selectable widgets, from a chart widget to a dashboard widget, an order widget, a position widget, a watchlist widget, a trades widget, and a messages widget, etc. That’s a lot to pick from! I am primarily using […]

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2018 in Retrospect

Believe it or not, doing my taxes in early April was an eye opener. I am always stressing when doing my taxes, each and every year. Most of the time I’ve got to pay. It’s needless to say, I know. So, how about the eye opener? Well, as part of […]

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Crypto Taxes

How are cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, taxed? Taxes are nasty. A necessary evil. However, a larger civilization can hardly function without them. Buying, selling, that is investing in or trading cryptocurrencies may be taxable events. A fair crypto exchange should provide its users with at least transaction lists. Coinbase even offers […]

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What Time Frame is Best?

Well, this is probably a question that has perplexed a lot of beginning investors and traders. What time frame to use when looking at charts? A weekly chart, a daily chart, an intra-day chart, or some or all? And if some or all, when to use this one or that […]